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Watch the video. Loved the efficient, personable service, much less intimidating for a novice rider vs. They came to my home and tuned up two of our bikes.

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Brian helped me resolve tingling hands by installing a new type of grips on my bike. Nick is an amazing mechanic! Thoughtful, detail oriented, and does fantastic, high quality work. Every bike is different. Prices vary by location. Just book your bike build and velofix will come to your home or office. Need additional parts or accessories? Want a professional bike fitting or follow up service? Your local Bike Shop, on wheels. No more hassle. We come directly to you.

Get Started. Your Mobile Bike Shop experience awaits A service that comes to you. Book where and when you want. Trust This is equivalent to approx. Euro plus local sales tax and shipment costs. Please watch this space for updates. Availability outside Europe will depend on the demand and country regulations. I think the "world" is waiting for this means of transport!

Well done! Thank you for this incredible innovation. The thing I have been looking for! Great design and many good ideas to solve problems! A solution for the traffic. Thanks for your great work. We really need more people working in that direction". It has the potential to really change individual mobility". Design thinking is an integral part of the Podbike velomobile, from road visibility, aerodynamic efficiency, comfort and sustainability.

Unique design with lower air drag than a racing bike. Excellent ride comfort and four wheels for better stability. Lights and indicators make it easy to spot. Energy absorbing crush zones, roll-over protection and seat belt optional. Designed for the Nordic climate, the Podbike velomobile has complete weather protection. Filtered air cabin and optional heating available. Finding parking is a breeze since it can be stored on its rear end.

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Easy to enter and leave vehicle as seat position can be raised automatically. Room for one adult plus a child inside. Easy to adjust to fit different users. Design for an autonomous future and will be part of a new transportation ecosystem.

New email went out to subscribers today: Check it out We get a lot of questions regarding the Podbikes visibility in the dark. Watch the video and read on to Podbike velomobile is more than a vehicle.If you have the inclination, building a velomobile can be a fun and rewarding project. A variety of approaches of varying difficulty are possible from buying a commercially available cycle and surrounding it with a full fairing, to designing and building it from the ground up.

Here are a variety of different ideas related to building your own velomobile:. Several people working together as a group to create a velomobile for each group member could provide mutual motivation and encouragement, and pool ideas and resources. Although the VHN webpage is no longer maintained, the idea still has merit, and over the years, some groups have gotten together to socialize and build.

Buying a 'Bent and Building a Fairing Purchasing a commercially available recumbent bike or trike and then building a fairing using the recumbent as a chassis would reduce the amount of time to usability in comparison with designing and building the entire vehicle.

Velomobile Manufacturers: Comprehensive List

Facebook has several velomobile related groups, including a coroplast velomobile page some very cool things can be done with coroplast! Building a frame based on one of the commercially available plans or kits and then enclosing it in a fairing is an intermediate approach to building your velomobile that offers some advantages over designing and building from scratch. Over the years, Greenspeed has offered tubesets as a way to acquire a trike and save some money. Going with such a tubeset avoids the difficulty of having to cut, miter and bend the tubing and also circumvents having to anticipate design problems assuming the kit manufacturer has already addressed these issues.

Plans eliminate the need to design the frame the but still require the labor to cut and shape the tubing prior to welding or brazing. Since Ian Sims, Greenspeed founder passed, tubesets may or may not still be available.

The Alleweder design is a monococque load bearing shell velomobile which for some time was the most prevalent of all VM's. The Alleweder is made from pop-riveted aircraft aluminum sheet metal in the same fashion as many airplanes.

Both versions of alleweder were available from VelomobileUSA. Although Dave sadly passed away, his Flevobike Alleweder Blog is still up, and shows some build photos, as well as describing some of his experiences with it. Greenspeed has offered plans, parts, and tubesets for their proven designs. Greenspeed offers a special front fairing attachment extension which fits under the front boom tube.

Blue Sky Design manufactures steering spindles, canopies, body shells etc useful to VM builders. Power On Cycling A supplier of parts. It was with much surprise that I learned that Gardner Martin of Easy Racers passed away in late Gardner has been called the "Godfather of the Recumbent" and did more to advance the cause of human powered vehicles than I could ever hope to.

Many people are familiar with his tried and true Toureasy long wheel base design. I am honored to write that back inMy Wife and I spent a few hours with Gardner at the Easy Racer shop in Freedom California while on our honeymoon. Based on the plans that Gardner had earlier made available to the public and on the websites below, I built several TourEasy clones. Prior to acquiring my Alleweder, I mainly rode my homebuilt Toureasy Clone. Here is a webpage at Recumbents.

The real deal on owning a velomobile

Carson of Glendale WI has a very helpful website that describes how to build variations on the Toureasy Theme. A leaning delta trike offers an intriguing possibility around which to base a velomobile. This type of trike should allow you to sit higher up, with a narrower track than non-leaning trikes. When locked in trike mode it would provide additional stability to help deal with slippery conditions and would allow coming to a stop without having to put ones feet down.

Aside from the Flevotrike, I am unaware of any commercially produced leaning delta trikes that might be suitable for this purpose. A fair number of people have built their own tadpole 2 wheels in front trikes. A google search should serve to turn up some good online resources.

Some plans that have been around include:. Rick Horwitz's Thunderbolt trike plans Great comprehensive free on-line plans and tadpole trike design info. Atomic Zombie bike builders community has numerous designs available online, along with an extensive builders gallery and a forum of active builders.Good Lord, how I wanted one.

That article was my introduction to the world of velomobiles, which can pretty much be defined as aerodynamically-shelled recumbent tricycles. The Cyclodyne is now long gone, and has been replaced in my yearnings by what is probably the sexiest velomobile currently available for purchase, the Beyss Go-One. This August, I had my first-ever chance to see a Go-One up close and personal, and talked to its owner about the fantasy versus reality of owning and using such a vehicle.

What he had to say was definitely eye-opening. Hugo Ciro lives in Victoria, British Columbia, where he runs a fair trade coffee importing business. His Go-One is one of about 13 in North America. He visited the Beyss plant in Germany two years ago, where he tried out a Go-One and met Michael Beyss, the company president and vehicle designer.

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Beyss also designed a little car you may have heard of, called the Smart ForTwo. Ciro decided he quite liked the Go-One, and arranged to purchase one.

He also agreed to become an agent for the company, meaning that people in his region who want to try out a Go-One can contact him for a test drive. To remedy this problem, Ciro bought and installed a BionX electric assist motor. Ciro has a place to park his vehicle at work, although he says he has left it unattended in the grocery store parking lot.

Another Go-One owner I spoke to in Seattle said he has left his in the long-term parking at the airport. It would be somewhat like stealing the Mona Lisa, in that the thief would risk discovery if they displayed or tried to sell it.

Unfortunately for my fast-as-a-car velomobile fantasies, Ciro informed me that he travels at the side of the road, like a bicycle. Even though some velomobile-makers have waiting lists of over three years, the vehicles will probably never reach a decent economy of scale unless they somehow become better able to function within urban traffic.

To that end, he is currently designing his own velomobile, better suited to practical use. LOG IN. Menu HOME. Search Query Submit Search. Facebook Twitter Flipboard LinkedIn.

Hugo Ciro and his Beyss Go-One velomobile. View 9 Images. The Go-One's rear suspension. The BionX electric motor helps on hills. Hugo Ciro's Beyss Go-One velomobile.The Alpha 7 is the newest velomobile designed by Daniel Fenn.

In the spring of it will be available. Want to learn more? Visit the website of intercitybike. The Libelle is an ultra-light, family-friendly and safe tricycle made of carbon. Available on the German market and assembled in Hanover and Leipzig. The composite work is done in Romania.

Characteristic of the successful concept is the sum of the positive qualities that prove themselves in everyday life in difficult times. The aerodynamics are not only adjusted to an extremely low air resistance, but also the sensitivity for crosswind is low for such a light vehicle.

With the right tax, the Milan maintains its own stable running behavior, even with strong crosswinds. This means that the crosswind itself causes a correction of the deflection, so that often it can not even be seen from which direction the wind comes. With the Orca the renewed version of the well-known Versatile we have chosen for more comfort, better driving characteristics and safety. The Orca has a completely enclosed transmission.

It's a unique system which allows you to experience thousands of maintenance-free and carefree kilometers of cycling enjoyment. The Orca is very well suited for the daily commuting traffic, long vacation trips and everything in between.

Is this the ultimate commuter bike for you? This model is fast, comfortable, efficient and offers good weather protection. This tricycle has a body tested in the wind tunnel. It's no coincidence that this is the most sold and produced velomobile in Europe.

Visit the website of velomobiel. The smaller version of the Quest. This model allows people up to cm to drive in a velomobile that is optimized for their height.

The QuestXS is fast, comfortable, efficient and offers good weather protection. This unique four wheeler with unprecedented stability and luggage space makes it possible to drive safely at high speed through curves.

Thanks to its two-wheel drive this model has great traction. It is also possible to safely bring a small child along. The Strada is fast, comfortable, efficient and offers good weather protection. This model is shorter easier to storehas open wheel arches with a wider track higher cornering speed and a smaller turning radius. Strada's wheel arches are designed for very wide tires up to 2 incheswhich guarantees low rolling resistance and high comfort.

Language English. Home About us Velomobiles Stories. Dealers Contact.We make our products from fiberglass and do our best to offer the high quality customer trimmed sellers.

We use the idea of innovative approach to personal transport and want to propose products that are good and useful. We invite you to read our offer. An article on Cab Bike Hawk.

Online magazine for pedelec and e-bikes Velostrom has published an article on our Cab Bike Hawk; have a look www. Check sections shop or bike trailers. As there is a great interest in various colours of our products we have decided to give our customers a possibility of choosing our products in any colour they want. We hope our customers will appreciate this option. We are looking for dealers; want to be one?

Send us message at velomobilepl gmail. Cab Bike Hawk is a vehicle that combines qualities from a car and a bike which gives a rider advantages of both mixed in the one non-standard vehile. Cab Bike Hawk and other velomobiles. Also fits most of other velomobiles. The roof is reinforced and very strudythanks to its heycomb spacer. We remind that we have already got a dealer in France. Velomobile Cab Bike Hawk is a vehicle that combines qualities from a car and a bike which gives a rider advantages of both mixed in the one non-standard vehile.

Bike Accessories Cab Bike Hawk and other velomobiles. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.Velomobile World is the go-to website if you want more information about the Alpha 7 velomobile. The Alpha 7 is the latest design by Daniel Fenn. The Alpha 7 is once again a step forward, it weighs between kg and is very sturdy.

The production will be done by the well-known velomobile builder velomobiel. These dealers can assist you if you are in need of more personalized advice or if you are looking to make a test drive. We have build an Alpha 7 velomobile configurator for you, this can help you when it comes to picking out colors and going over the available options.

After you are done creating your own custom Alpha 7 you can send this configuration to yourself or to a dealer of your choice.

With this configuration you can visit the nearest dealer and they can help you finalize your order.

velomobile shop

The production of the Alpha 7 is handled by the enthusiastic team of Velomobiel. They have years of experience building various types of velomobiles. Having worked part time for many years at velomobiel. In the early spring of he started working together with a team of construction workers in order to get a piece of land in the city of Regin located in Transylvania, a region in Romania, ready for the construction of the Velomobiel.

By the end of they started with a small-scale production.

velomobile shop

They currently work with a team of 30 skilled people who continue to improve the quality every single day. By subscribing to the newsletter you accept the privacy agreement. Language Deutsch English.

Home Velomobiles Shop Stories. Dealers Contact. Velomobile World. The configurator We have build an Alpha 7 velomobile configurator for you, this can help you when it comes to picking out colors and going over the available options. Please subscribe to our newsletter.

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